Kauai: Days 3 – 4

I woke up Monday morning to all the birds singing outside our window.  There are lots of feral roosters (and chickens) roaming Kauai and they made themselves heard every morning.  Here is the morning song we heard.

Then it was on to tubing the ditches.  There are irrigation ditches that were build for transporting water for farming and now you can tube down them.  
Pitstop at an overlook.

At our destination.  Look at these beautiful bamboo trees creating a web above us.

Here we go!

There were about 20 of us on this trip with Quinn being the only kid.

A look down at our river ride.

We went through 5 tunnels.  The longest was about 3/4 mile long.

Those hard hats, gloves, and water shoes came in handy while you were banging around in the tunnels.

Then back to the hotel for a little swim and Harry Potter on the rocks.

After dinner we made a Shave Ice stop with some more Harry Potter.

And then on to Hanalei Bay to watch the sunset.

Tuesday we spent our day at Anini Beach.  It reminded us so much of one of our favorite St. John beaches Maho Bay.  Don started to Anini as Maho Lite.

There is a big beach park where there were lots of cars but I had read a tip to keep going down the road and we found ourselves in a great little spot where we could just back our car up to the beach and Quinn could climb a tree.

You see lots of these around Hawaii.

I told the guys it was bad luck to knock them down but they didn\’t listen.

I could sit and stare at this view all day long.

Did I mention roosters all over the island?

Yes, more shave ice.  This time Organic Rainbow for him.

Our resort had a restaurant which was pretty good.  A nice option when we don\’t want to get back in the car.

I jumped up from dinner to go check out the sunset.

 And down to the fire pit after dinner.

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