Kauai: Days 1 – 2

Kauai!  What a wonderful place.

Last time we were in here in 2008 Quinn had just turned 1 year old and our lives were in a time of great change.  We were living in Seattle and we knew that Washington Mutual was being taken over by Chase but we didn\’t know what that meant for Don or our family.  I snapped this picture of Don on the phone getting the news that he was being offered a job in Columbus, Ohio.  It wasn\’t until later we found out the job was actually in NJ.  But look at our little nugget!

Back to 2016!  We arrived around noon but couldn\’t check in until 3 pm so we stopped at Duke\’s for an ocean side welcome lunch.

Quinn started on the 2nd Harry Potter book.

One more flashback.  Last time we were at this Dukes it was pouring down rain and some boys were boogie boarding on the sidewalk.

On this visit we stayed on the North Shore of Kauai in a community called Princeville.  The North Shore is known for being lush and tropical and also getting lots of rain.  And when we arrived it was raining!

We stayed on a bluff overlooking the ocean with a walk down to the beach.  I went out investigating.

 Sunday Morning we woke up to the beautiful view!

Breakfast on the lanai.  Every morning we were visited by a 1-footed bird we named Eileen 😉  But it turns out quite a few birds that would visit our lanai were missing feet for legs.  

Quinn talking to Eileen.

Then it was out to a beach called Tunnels.  Just gorgeous!!

Honestly, the snorkeling was not that great.  This was about as good as it got!

But the views from the beach were gorgeous!  Because of the amount of rain that falls on Kauai you can see waterfalls everywhere!

And it\’s great to have the natural shade of the tree lined beaches.  Reminded us of St. John.

The birds that visited us were so beautiful that it was hard to be annoyed with them!

Our Afternoon Shave Ice.  This one is the Keiki  Delight.  Vanilla ice cream, topped with fruit flavored shave ice, and then topped with a \”snow cap\” of sweetened condensed milk.  Yummy!

A look at the competing shave ice and gloomy clouds across the street.

A stop at a scenic overview overlooking the taro fields.


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