Two Tough Mudders

Don and some friends from work signed up for a Tough Mudder.  It\’s a 10+ mile run with obstacles throughout.  We made it a family affair and got Quinn signed up for the Mini Mudder.  I was the event photographer.
Getting ready to head out for the day!
Don\’s team is clean and ready to go.  

The weather wasn\’t too warm, but it sure was windy and very dusty!!

Here\’s a look at the course map.   The runners get to start with events like Ladders to Hell and Arctic Enema 2.0.

And here is Don\’s wave getting ready to go.  I wish I had panned to the left so you could see the HUGE hill climb they get to start with.   [WARNING:  Loud Music]

Quinn and I had to get to the Mini Mudder so off we went.    Getting ready for his start!

And off they go!

First obstacle was the Mini Everest.  It was great seeing the kids work together and pull each other up  and over.

Quinn was so helpful that I had to encourage him to move on with the race after helping 3 or 4 kids up and over.   And then down the other side.

Through the mud pit.

Looking in the background, I wonder if Don is one of those ants marching up that giant hill.

And then do it all over again for a total of 6 laps or 1 mile!

And he\’s officially a Tough Mudder!!!

So proud of this little dude!!  This type of event really isn\’t his thing and he just took it on and completed it with a great attitude.

He was so parched and thirsty that only a blue iceee would do!

Then it was back to Don\’s race!  We caught up with them at the Pyramid Scheme.  This obstacle doesn\’t look so bad but was tricky because it was slippery and wet.  Teams were having alot of trouble getting up.  But Don\’s team formed a chain and they were up and over this obstacle in about 2 minutes!  You can see their human chain right in the middle.

Off to the next obstacle.  In these two pictures you can get a glimpse in the background of the hills they had to climb.

They made quick work of this one.

This is Blockness Monster.  You can see all the teamwork that is involved in getting through some of the obstacles.  Teams helping teams.   In the beginning you can hear Don asking Quinn to join them 🙂

And still smiling…at least Don is!  This is after the Kiss of Mud obstacle where they crawl through the mud under barbed wire!

And approaching the finish!  Only 2 more obstacles to go.

Ring the bell.  Don is all the way to the left.   A dip in the water to clean off all that mud.

Last event.  Electroshock Therapy.  I was reading that this one is a crowd favorite!  A handful of the wires are powered to shock them and I certainly heard lots of grunts and ughs as they ran through.

They did it!  My unofficial time was about 3 1/2 hours.

The reward!

And I couldn\’t be more proud of these Two Tough Mudders.

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