Little League at Dodgers Game

Sunday was Little League Day at Dodger\’s Stadium and there were teams from all over the LA area.  Thousand Oaks Little League (TOLL) had a big group of kids participate but our team only had two kids but it was still a great time.  

We had to arrive a couple of hours before the game started.  There were lots and lots of people there.

We finally got on the field around noon.  TOLL Rocks!

Selfie fail!

And then we got a little help.

Quinn didn\’t think he wanted to walk around the field but once he was out there it was alot of fun.  We walked all the way around the warning track.  They kept up moving!

Our seats were pretty good and we had a great view of the field.  A nice perspective to explain the game to Quinn.

We were rooting for the Dodgers (vs. the Colorado Rockies) and Quinn really enjoyed the clapping and cheering.   If you asked him his favorite part of the game he would probably say the ice cream 🙂

We stayed through about 3 innings before we headed home.  We had already been there about 4 hours.   But a fun day!

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