This and That

On Saturday Quinn had a birthday party in Ventura at a bouncy house.  It\’s great that he is old enough to drop off so I can do this instead.
Sometimes it takes alot of effort to get Quinn to join us in the pool or hot tub.  But recently he has decided swimming is fun!  Sunday while we were grilling dinner he decided to have his own pool party!

It wasn\’t freezing but I wasn\’t about to jump in.  66 degrees outside.

My Monday hike.  Sometimes it\’s bad knowing the hikes because you know what\’s ahead of you, like this very steep hill.  Our hiking leader calls this hike the \”roller coaster\” and for a good reason.

That\’s Sharlene our leader.  She\’s a 54 year old grandmother.  She\’s also an assistant coach for the Thousand Oaks High School Cross Country Team and teaches at Cal Lutheran University (CLU).  This was her second hike of the morning.   She had already done a trail run on this trail with her CLU students.  By 11 am she had run/hiked 9 miles and would probably run another 6 – 10 miles with her high school kids after school.  She is one tough grandma but is always so positive, supportive and encouraging.  Still loving my Monday morning hikes!

That hill doesn\’t look so daunting in pictures.  Today I decided to check my Health app on the iphone because the iphone has an altimeter.    We climbed up the equivalent of 50 floors.  Elevation is my nemesis!

When Quinn gets home from school he loves to be with his buddy.

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