Our Week So Far

Quinn just doesn\’t understand why Sonic has to ride in the back of the car all by himself.  Why can\’t we put Quinn\’s carseat back there?  And get a doggy car seat for Sonic so he will be safe.  These two.
Quinn and I were away when our last set of Painted Lady caterpillars turned in to butterflies and were released.  So I got another set so we can watch them go through the whole process.  

Yesterday I volunteered at the school book fair and since it was right at lunch time I popped in to say hi to Quinn.  Here he is with his pals Nate and Cade.  There were a handful of girls at the table too.

Thursday afternoons are generally baseball games or practice.  Coach recruits all the parents to help and I usually run one of the pitching machines.  Here\’s Coach Dan helping Quinn with his swing before I started pitching.

After practice a bunch of the boys went down to the creek behind the park and made makeshift fishing poles to catch some crawdaddies/crayfish.  I think one of the parents came equipped with the supplies…stick, string, and safety pin.  The kids stuck a glob of chewing gum to the safety pin which the crayfish would bite.

Hard to believe that there are crayfish in this creek but here is the proof.  Catch and release.  No Jambalaya for us.

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