Ojai Raptor Center

Barbara was kind enough to come out and hold down the fort while I was on the East Coast.  She make sure Don and Sonic were well taken care of and fed.  Quinn and I got home on Friday and had a couple of days to spend with Mae.

On Sunday we we drove up to Ojai and visited a Raptor Center that takes in and rehabilitates injured birds.  They take in about 500 birds a year and release as many as they can.

Ojai is about 45 minutes from us and is really beautiful.  It\’s known for it\’s crunchy attitude and spa retreats.

We learned about this huge beautiful hawk Rosie who had fallen from her nest and broken a wing which never healed properly.  Usually broken wings heal very quickly because of the birds hollow bones and the birds can be released back in to the wild.

Checking out some dead birds on a stick.

Quinn\’s wing span.

We watched a good bit of a talk about raptors, which went a little too slowly, but full  of great information.  Quinn sat through probably a good 45 minutes of it.  He really enjoyed it.

In the background you can see the Great Horned Owl Forrest who they thought was a boy but is actually a girl.

Checking out the various feathers and wings in their huge aviation area.

Make like a bird.  You can see just a portion of the open aviation area.

It was a day well spent.

And a lovely Mimosa blossom.

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