A Weekend in Carlsbad

We enjoyed a three day Valentine\’s weekend in Carlsbad.  We were originally planning on going to a beach north of us for the weekend but I couldn\’t find any available rooms.  That same day the Beach Terrace Inn in Carlsbad sent an promotional email about Family Valentine\’s Weekend in Carlsbad.  Decision made!
Saturday the temp was in the 80\’s so we planned a beach day and it was pretty glorious.    The view from our room. 

Obligatory sunset shots.

Family selfie on our way to dinner.

We knew we wanted to spend Valentine\’s at the Pizza Port which has picnic tables and is loud and fun.

Sunday we drove down the Pacific Coast Highway and made a stop in La Jolla to see the seals.

It\’s pretty amazing that people are swimming and snorkeling around the coves with the seals and sea lions.

As we headed south all the little beach towns were extremely crowded.  We ended up finding a deli on Harbor Island which is across from the San Diego airport.  We enjoyed our quiet respite.

We had planned to go in to San Diego but at this point we were done and ready to head back to quiet Carlsbad.  A view of San Diego from Harbor Island.

When we got back to our hotel the fog was rolling in.  

It looked like it may burn off.

A view down the beach towards the Carlsbad power plant.  The smoke stack is part of the Carlsbad skyline but is soon going to be torn down and the power plant is moving.

The fog keeps rolling in.

One last look before we head home on Monday.

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