Our Weekly WrapUp

Quinn was feeling better after being sick last week but coughed most of the night on Sunday so we decided to keep him home one more day on Monday.  
A sunset view looking east from our backyard.
He finally got back to school on Tuesday.  On Tuesday the previous week he had taken his beloved Pokemon book to school and it disappeared right after lunch.  He was pretty upset when he couldn\’t find it.  Well today we checked in the office and VOILA!!  One happy boy.  The school has since made a new policy of no Pokemon cards at school.  Lots of issues with Pokemon cards disappearing. 
Quinn\’s class is studying all of the continents and currently learning about Africa.  All the kids were so excited to learn some Swahili words.  Quinn was talking about making our own version of a game Africans play called Mancala.  I remembered Don owns that game so we\’ve been playing it alot. 

Quinn\’s 4 am cough alarm was early enough for me to catch a sunrise looking down our street.

Sometimes Quinn asks me to drop him off down the street so he can walk home.  
But not too far down the street.  \”Mom you can go\” he says.

After another night of coughing and no relief in sight I decided to take Quinn to the doctor today.  Good thing because he has bronchitis.  I\’m happy to get him on some meds so he can kick this thing.   Oh, and this boy loves a good hoodie.

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