Quinn asked to play baseball this year so we got him signed up with the Thousand Oaks Little League.  This year all the kids had to try out and then the coaches drafted their players.  Nobody is cut and the goal is to spread the talent fairly among the teams.

We were so pleased when we were assigned our coach, Coach Ken.  We had seen him in action last year and he was so good.  The kids seemed to know the skills and the coach was very positive and encouraging.   He also coaches high school football and is a teacher.

Quinn has practice twice a week right now.  The coach is great about setting up different stations for drills so that the kids aren\’t standing in line waiting to hit, throw, etc.  He also encourages the parents to be involved in the practices.

Here\’s Quinn doing a drill with Coach Chris with Coach Don is the way background throwing grounders.

This year they hit from machine pitched balls which has proved to be challenging for Quinn.  Each player takes a turn being catcher.  Here\’s our boy all suited up to catch (with lots of help from Coach Dan).  

We have had to do alot of re-arranging with our schedules to get to practices but so far it\’s been great.  A great coach makes for a great season.

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