On Saturday we visited a Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in Goleta which is just a little bit north of Santa Barbara.

A beautiful day to be out and about.

Walking through the Eucalyptus grove.

Always time for some geocaching.

He\’s so funny.  He asks if he can do a little exploring because he had no interest in geocaching.

In the 1800\’s a guy named Ellwood planted all the Eucalyptus trees in hopes of making some money on the lumber.  Unfortunately eucalyptus trees are not very strong and timber easily….as demonstrated in the picture above.  However they make for an excellent sanctuary for the Monarchs.

Here they are.  Right now there are about 5,500 butterflies here. Can you see the huge pods of Monarchs?

Here\’s a closer view.

And an even closer view.

There was a docent there who was passionate about the Monarchs and was full of really interesting information.

We were there around 2:30 pm and it was starting to cool down.  The Monarch\’s don\’t fly when the temp is below 60 degrees but you could still see some flying around.   The docent said the homeowners in the area are really good about planting milkweed so in the mornings when it warms up all the butterflies fly off to find some milkweed to lay their eggs.

A little more fun and geocaching before we head home.

All our hikes seem to end this way.

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