Happy Birthday Quinn!

Quinn was one happy boy yesterday on his birthday.  Not that he isn\’t always happy but he loved his birthday!!!

He asked for waffles for breakfast so I whipped up some fresh homemade waffles for our birthday boy.

And he asked for a lunchable for lunch.  I\’m sure this is standard lunch fare for most american kids but I try to avoid them as they aren\’t the healthiest.  Quinn only gets them on special occasions.

A happy boy on our way to school.   The school doesn\’t allow food or toys for birthday celebrations, which I\’m a-ok with.  He took in a book to donate to the classroom.  He chose The Hallo-Weiner.

After school we skyped with Grams.

And then had some silly FaceTime with Lucas and Kaiden.

For dinner Quinn chose Mongolian BBQ so that he could pick out his own food and watch it be cooked.

Then it was home and a call from Mae and opening her presents.  This magic kit was a big hit.

And opening the rest of his gifts.

And then cake time.  Quinn loves ice cream cakes and Baskin Robbins now carries this small size which was just right for our family.  Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, smartest, kindest, silliest, most curious, funny boy I know!!!

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