Around Here

Quinn totally rocked it at swim lessons this week and had the most awesome backstroke.  He did so well that he got a special ribbon for his effort.  

 We continue to have lots of playdates with friends.  And apparently my camera skills are really declining.

It\’s starting to get pretty dark and chilly at Wednesday soccer practice.  

 Both car seats stay in the car at all times these days.  I\’m considering getting a bigger car as I\’ve already had to say no to people asking me to pick up multiple kids.  I don\’t mind being a mom taxi 🙂

Quinn is so proud of his Guardians of the Galaxy tattoo that came in a birthday card from Grams.  It\’s a good thing we don\’t bathe very often around here.

Friday afternoon playdate.  This reminds me a little of Quinn and Lucas.  In fact Quinn has been known to call him Lucas  🙂

Every Friday Quinn\’s class has a spelling test.  This week he got an awesome!

Life has been pretty darned good around here.

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