Our Weekend in Carlsbad, continued

Our original plan for Day 2 was to go to the San Diego Safari Park which is separate from the zoo and closer to Carlsbad.  However it is about 30 minutes inland and the forecast was for 102 degrees.  So we decided to go to the San Diego Zoo in San Diego instead where it was supposed to be 82 degrees.
We were happy that we weren\’t in TO.

Starting off our morning with some new legos.

Then we decided not to go to the zoo but have a beach day instead.  What a great decision that was.  The hotel had all the supplies we needed…chairs, umbrellas, boogie boards, etc.

Making friends.

A look down the beach.

The water was warm enough to swim in.  Quinn had a great time boogie boarding.  

The water was beautiful.

Don heading out to surf.  Honestly I wasn\’t feeling that comfortable with it because these waves were crushing!!

Catching a good one!

He\’s got it!

He\’s on it!

Oh!  I have to give it to him for trying.  These were no Costa Rica waves.

 Camp Pendelton is nearby and there were planes and helicopters in the air all the time, day and night.

I finally had my dolphin sighting.  

At one point we started seeing these strange things in the sky.  Sky writing?


I had arranged for a babysitter for Saturday night so Don and I could hit the cute little town of Carlsbad.  It was the perfect size for walking with still enough to do.
And lots of funky art.  

First stop, wine tasting.

 My wine tasting buddy.  A dreadlock sheepdog.

 The next morning we wrapped it up and drove home along the PCH with a stop for lunch on the beach.  A spectacular weekend!

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