Quinn is 6!!!

Our sweet boy turned 6 even though he promised me he would stay 5 forever!  He\’s been counting down to his birthday and was a very happy boy on October 9.

It was a happy coincidence that his school had a picnic lunch for parents on Quinn\’s birthday.  It also happened to be the first rainy day in SoCal all year so we picnicked in the cafeteria.  Quinn was a pretty happy boy to each lunch with his Amy, Don, and Grams.

He also celebrated with cupcakes with his class and his teacher said the cupcakes were such a big hit the kids were asking for more the next morning.

Quinn was a pretty excited boy to come home to a big pile of gifts.  He was eager to open one so we got on the phone with his best pal Lucas and skyped while he opened his gift.  Lucas somehow knew the perfect gift for Quinn — Switch and Go Dinos!

When papa got home we opened even more gifts!  And more Switch and Go Dinos!

The McGee\’s sent this awesome gift.  Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu.  You\’re going down soy boy.  Not this time you greasy punk!

OMG!  Minecraft Legos from Grams!  

And a Minecraft tshirt!

Quinn loved all his gifts and it seemed even more special this year living in California far away from our friends and family.

Quinn requested quesadillas and guacamole for dinner and a chocolatey chocolatey cake!

I think 6 is going to be a pretty great year for Quinn!

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