Our New Family Member

This cutie pie is coming our way!

On Sunday we went to pick out Quinn\’s new puppy.   And Quinn might be a little bit happy about his new little guy.   There were 6 pups in the litter, 3 boys and 3 girls, and we had 2nd choice of the males.  The breeder really loved this little guy because of his coloring and he has such a great personality.

I was trying to get the above pictures and look what happened.  Our little guy is on the left.  

We all got our hugs and kisses.

(I have a bit of an evil look in my eyes and it looks like I\’m strangling him.  I\’m not, really.)

We arrived right around nap time and as soon as we put him back with his brothers and sisters he was out (orange collar).

Look at this pile of yellow fur!

After raising Apollo from a puppy and having rescued dozens of unwanted dogs, I said that I would never buy a puppy.  But Quinn has been asking for a dog for several years and I think as an only child he needs a dog and there\’s something about a boy and a puppy.

We had promised Quinn as soon as we moved in to our new house he would get a puppy so I started looking while we were in temp housing.  I found this particular breeder on the American Kennel Club website and after several emails back and forth I really liked her and decided to go with a puppy from this litter.  I had found several other breeders but this one felt right.  And after meeting her in person on Sunday I know we made the right choice.

The puppies are currently 6+ weeks old and we will go back in two weeks and bring our furry boy home on October 26.  The top names thus far are Sonic, Otto, Sky and Yoda.  But we\’re still discussing our options.

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