California Adventure

There are several hotels in the park and we chose the Disneyland Hotel because I read that it provided the most Disney experiences including the headboard that lights up and plays a lullaby.

We were up bright and early Sunday morning so that we could enter the California Adventure Park at 7 am and again beat the crowds.

The Cars Land (from the movie Cars) was pretty amazing and Quinn loved it!

Red the fire truck tooted out Happy Birthday to Quinn!

The best ride in California Adventure is Radiator Springs Racers.  When we got to the park we made a b-line for the ride but we were warned that it wasn\’t working but to stand in line to get a fast pass (assigned time) to do the ride later.  So I got in line around 7:45 am while Don and Quinn worked on finding some breakfast.
Did I mention that it was Gay Day at Disney this weekend?  It added such a fun element and it kinda makes sense that gays and Disney go together.  All those celebrating Gay Day wore red shirts.  Here\’s a picture I took while in the fastpass line.  I heard one guy walk by who said \”Unless this is a line for Cher tickets honey, I\’m not waiting\” 🙂  Oh, and did you notice Don was wearing a red shirt on Saturday?  

Our favorite ride that day Toy Story Mania which was a shooting game but we also loved the old fashioned style roller coaster California Screamin\’.  We made the mistake of going on it right after breakfast and Quinn said his tummy hurt.  While Don took Q to the bathroom this is what I did.

After a second time on Toy Story Mania Quinn asked to do the roller coaster again.  Look at all those happy faces!

Our fastpass time is up and we are ready to ride Radiator Springs Racers.  It was worth the wait!

What another great day but we were all exhausted by about 1 pm and headed home!  Happy Birthday Q!

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