This year for Quinn\’s birthday we took a family trip to Disneyland.  We went down on Friday night and came home Sunday afternoon.

Our Disney experience started the moment we checked in at the hotel.  They had Quinn help with the check in process and gave him a Jr. Cast Member and a Birthday Button.

Free upgrade to a suite with a view?  Heck yeah!  A look down at the pool.

If you stay in the hotel, you have the benefit of entering one of the parks early so we decided to take full advantage of this.  Here we are at 6:45 am heading towards Disneyland.  So glad we decided to take a stroller.

By getting to the park early, we were able to walk on most of the rides with no wait.  I think we were able to do more stuff by noon than people that get their later and stay all day.

We walked right on to Space Mountain and I heard people talking about waiting 90 minutes to ride it later that day.  This was a ride Quinn does not want to ever to again.

Quinn wore his birthday button and got lots of Happy Birthdays! from the Crew Members.  At first he wasn\’t crazy about the attention but then started to enjoy it.

Don and I really loved the Star Wars themed Star Tours ride and rode that one a couple of times.  Here\’s Quinn getting ready to go in to the ride.  

You can\’t do Disney and not ride It\’s a Small World.

I had made reservations for a character breakfast at 10 am in the park.  Quinn didn\’t really enjoy the character part of the breakfast.   They were all pointing out his birthday badge but Quinn wasn\’t quite in the happy birthday zone yet.

This was Quinn\’s favorite part of the trip.  Jedi Training!!  We had him wear his \”Yoda Man\” tshirt, his birthday badge, and jump up and down so he would be picked for the training.


Working on their skills.  Right shoulder, left shoulder, right leg, left leg, head!

It\’s time to take down Darth Maul.

He loved that experience!

Time to head back to the hotel for a dip and a rest.  A look down from our room during the day.

After a good nap we headed back to the park for a couple more rides and the parade.

The schedule listed the fireworks as being cancelled (because of the wind) but they went off and we were able to watch them from our room.

Good night!  We had an early morning tomorrow.

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