Happy Birthday D-Rex!

Happy Birthday Don!  Quinn and I did some after school shopping to get Don some surprise birthday gifts.  As soon as Don walked in the door Quinn began sharing all our surprises with Don.

Since Don now has to wear a tie to work we picked out a couple of new ones for him.  The nice guy at Nordstroms who boxed them up for us told Quinn to tell his dad to shake the boxes and guess what was in them.

Quinn picked out these awesome triceratops super soakers for Don!  We plan to spend our weekend at the pool at our new house so these were perfect!
Don and Quinn love to play this name game thing.  Quinn will ask Don to stop calling him Mighty.  Don replies I\’ll start calling you Quinn if you start calling me Donosaurus Rex or D-Rex for short.  And then sometimes Quinn just wants to be called by a different name, like John.   So this is all Quinn\’s idea 🙂
Our lovely outdoor meal a walk away from our luxurious accommodations.  

Are bundt cakes the new cupcake?  I was looking for a cupcake place and found Nothing Bundt Cakes instead.

Happy Birthday to the best guy in the world!  You keep our lives so fun and interesting!

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