Getting Old, Morning Hike, Back to School, and a Surprise!

This arrived a couple of weeks early, but I guess it was inevitable. 

To keep myself feeling young, I went on a nice hike after dropping Quinn off at school.  I\’m a bit wary of hiking alone but Don suggested Wildwood Park.  I\’ve hiked these trails many times but usually with furry, four legged friends.  It\’s a nice wide open trail with some gentle to moderate inclines and declines.  There\’s enough foot traffic that if I were to need help I know someone would be along shortly.  And it\’s not so wild that I would likely run in to a coyote or rattlesnake.

My first look down the path.

I took the path on the left that goes up to Lizard Rock.

A view from Lizard Rock looking back at Thousand Oaks.  It was a foggy, hazy morning.

A full day at school every day makes bed time a snap.  

Tuesday night Don and I attended back to school night at Quinn\’s school while Quinn got to play in one of the classrooms.  It was nice to see Quinn\’s classroom, learn more about his school day, and meet the other parents.

Quinn\’s artwork that makes me a little sad.  Look at that sad face.

But then this one just made us laugh.  On the first day of school I felt nuts! That\’s our boy 🙂

And his pencil box.  Those pencils have been in there for about one week.  Mrs. Chanduri said that Quinn likes his pencil really sharp so he spends alot of time sharpening.  I guess I will need to reload soon.

Now Quinn just loves school and is making friends with all the boys in his class…Sebastian, Benjamin, Madoc, and Dallas.  He likes to get there early so he can play on the playground before class and he likes me to pick him up late so he can play after class.  Yesterday he said It\’s not as good as Sundance.  Why?  Because Chloe F. always tries to kiss me.

When we left the school last night he claimed This was the best night ever!  He repeated that sentiment again this morning.  He loved it because he got to play with his friends and even some of the older kids.

I\’ve been working on a little surprise for Quinn so shhhhh!

We have put this off for over a year waiting to move so now is the time.  One of these little furballs will be Quinn\’s 6th Birthday gift and will be coming home with us at the end of October.

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