Getting Ready to Get Settled

It\’s official.  The moving truck arrives on Monday!  We are so ready to check out of our hotel and spend our first night in our new home.  Although we closed on the home on August 30 the previous owners arranged for a 2 week rent back so this was our first weekend with access.

Our first family jump in to the pool!

The pool has a beach style entry and then goes to about 3 feet.  There is a \”baja reef\” which is a drop off and the pool then drops to 8 feet deep.  There are a couple of nice seats in the deep end and also a ledge all around that you can hold on to.  But Quinn had no problems diving to the bottom of the pool and getting dive sticks of the bottom.  

There were many jumps and dives off the highest point.  Don even did a pretty good back flip!

And then warming up in the hot tub.  It\’s pretty deep in the middle so that Quinn could stand on his tippy-toes and barely have his head out of water.  Don and I have already picked out our spots.  And I think we figured out the controls.

After all the fun in the pool Don and I spent a good amount of time figuring out where all the furniture would go and where we would stack boxes.   Don was able to take the day off on Monday and Quinn will stay home from school so that he is part of the move-in process.  Yesterday when we were leaving the house, Quinn asked why we couldn\’t stay.  I think Quinn is getting adjusted 🙂

Monday we will also be closing on our NJ home.  So many happy memories made here.

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