Beach Day

We made our first trip to the beach Saturday.  We went to a favorite beach in Ventura that usually isn\’t too crowded and also has some food options nearby.  
It was scorching hot in Thousand Oaks when we left the hotel — maybe 95 degrees.   We walked out to the beach in Ventura and realized we should have brought jackets.  Regardless it was a beautiful sunny day and we enjoyed relaxing on the beach.  
Quinn dipped his toes in the ocean and ran away.  The water is chilly but people were still swimming.  

This is about how far Don made it in.

Quinn probably spent a good 30 minutes chasing the birds.

We had some dinner and took a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to catch the sunset.  We found a little beach with a great view.  I imagined this cute picture of Quinn on the lifeguard stand with the sunset.  But the sign on the station said keep off and my little rule follower wasn\’t about break that rule.  Oh, and it might have been a little chilly.

The sunset.

The sky was pink and purple looking the other way.  
My guys all wrapped in towels taking in the sunset.

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