Getting Adjusted

We are all getting adjusted to our west coast lives, new school, new routines, etc.  It\’s been quite some time since I had to get up at 6 am 5 days a week.  This was the scene when I picked up Quinn from school on his second day.  He made friends and they had lots of laughs together.  It makes a mama\’s heart very happy.

Don is supervising the move on the east coast.  We FaceTime at night and he gave Quinn the full tour of our packed up house.  We continue to give lots of assurances that EVERYTHING is moving to our new house.  Not sure where the everything is going yet, but it will be there.   Love Quinn\’s face.

Since it\’s so early in the school year, I am getting creative with the lunchbox.  How do you like the Sushi Sandwich?  I\’ve noticed that Quinn is eating and drinking alot more now that he\’s in school 5 days/week.  And bedtime has become a breeze!

Right now I don\’t have alot to do.  It\’s the calm before the storm.  So this morning I drove down to Ventura and took a 3 mile walk along the ocean.  It\’s about 15 degrees cooler there so it was perfect weather for a walk.    This is a great spot to watch the surfers too.  

While I was relaxing seaside, Don was busy coordinating our move out of NJ.  I think this is my first time not being there for the move and I really appreciate not having to deal with it this time.  But, this storm is heading my way in about 2 weeks.

Adios NJ!!

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