After a tearful trial run the other day, the first day of kindergarten went off without any tears (from Quinn at least).  His class starts at 8:30 am but they recommend getting there about 15 minutes early to let the kids play before going in to the classroom.

I can\’t say that I would have imagined Quinn\’s first day of kindergarten would start with an elevator ride, but so be it.

When we got out of the car he told me that he would miss me all day.  My sweet boy.

On the first day of school the bell rings and all the kids congregate on the basketball court for assembly.  Each class is called out and it was fun to hear some of the higher grades give a big \”hooray\” when their teacher/grade was called.  Quinn has about 15 kids in his class and you can see he is still the tallest.  What a bunch of happy kids! Ha!

Getting ready to give my kisses goodbye 😦

A look at Quinn\’s stuff.

Circle time with Mrs. Chanduri.

After dismissal at 3:30 pm the kids can play outside on the kindergarten playground for a while so I gave Quinn about 15 minutes before I picked him up.  He was happily playing and then gave a great big smile and ran to give me a running hug when he saw me.  He said the favorite part of his day was playtime.  He didn\’t make any friends today but will make some in 8 days (so he says).  

A better start than expected and we\’ll go from here.

One thought on “Kindergarten!

  1. Yay! Glad to hear it went well for him! Boys had orientation yesterday. And they keep asking when they'll see Quinn. I tell them we'll see him sometime, but they can write him. Send me your address so they can be Pen Pals!


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