Our First Week in CA

We have spent about 10 nights in our little one bedroom suite at the Marriott and are ready to get out of here.  Only about 14 days to go.  In the meantime we are spending lots of time at the pool and grilling and picnicking outside on the picnic table. 
Quinn and I stopped by Underwood Farms in Moorpark and picked up some fresh heirloom tomatoes and strawberries.  They were delicious!

On Wednesday Quinn and I visited his new school and met his new teacher.  It was a special appointment just for Quinn and it was a good thing because someone isn\’t quite so sure about his new school.  Notice the look on his face 😉

On Saturday we did a walk-through of our new home and we are still more than happy with our decision.  We learned even more great things about the home that make us love it even that much more.  We also found out that there are miles and miles of hiking trails right off our street.  We can\’t wait.

A plant arrangement of succulents hanging off the fence that I photographed so that I can duplicate it if they take it with them.

 On Saturday night we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Kings Fish House.  It was fun to be back and enjoy.  And I had forgotten about the big sways in the weather in all the different micro-climates.  As we were leaving the restaurant which is in the San Fernando Valley around 7:30 pm the temp was 95 degrees and when we arrived back at the hotel in Thousand Oaks the temp was 14 degrees cooler.

On Monday we went to Don\’s favorite place on earth, Venice Beach.  Just our luck they installed a great new playground!  We made a stop at the way in and the way out.

Venice Beach never fails to entertain.

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