Getting Settled

We are settling in to our little one bedroom \”apartment\” at the Marriott which will be our home for the next 20 days or so.  First order of business, swimming!

Sunday we headed to Ventura for lunch on the pier and a boat ride.  Not something you see every day.

Loving life eating oceanside.

When we left the hotel in Thousand Oaks, it was sunny and warm.  I thought to pack a jacket just in case and it was much needed.  The area was socked in with fog and it was pretty chilly.

Getting ready for our boat ride out to the Channel Islands.  We did the wildlife tour so we stayed on the boat the whole time.

The Anacapa Arch that has been much photographed.

We were disappointed in the number of dolphins we saw on this trip.  We saw maybe 30?  Usually we would see hundreds, if not thousands of dolphins.  Humpback whales have also been spotted in the area although we didn\’t see them.  We did see sea otters, sea lions, and a bald eagle.  This was my best dolphin shot (with the phone).

On Monday the little guy was not feeling so well so we spent much of our day like this in our room.  We had to hang out anyway to wait for Don\’s car to be delivered.  And Don had to start work after a 4 week \”break\”.  Although last night he mentioned he could probably use a real vacation 🙂

Funny that he perked up for an evening swim.

Does it get any better than this?

My car was delivered on Tuesday and it was nice to have something familiar.  Even Quinn was pretty excited to be back in the car.   Can\’t you tell?

Adjusting the GPS from region 8 to region 2.

Today I visited Quinn\’s school for a parents-only orientation.  I continue to be very impressed with the school and happy with our choice.  I requested a special meet & greet with Quinn\’s teacher so we will go to the school tomorrow to meet his teacher.  Slowly but surely we are getting settled. 

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