Heading West

Friday we started the next chapter of our lives.  We said goodbye to a house that we loved so much.  Quinn and I shared some tears over leaving our house and our NJ friends.  Quinn wanted to know why we couldn\’t put the house on a truck and move it to CA.  And Don couldn\’t get out of Jersey fast enough.  I took this one last picture as we drove away.  

On our way.

Looks like California to me.

We scheduled an afternoon flight out of Newark so that we wouldn\’t have to rush Quinn out of the house in the morning and we could take our time saying goodbye and making sure everything was settled.  It really worked out nice.  Until we landed at LAX on a Friday at 5 pm.  Traffic anyone?

After a long trip to the hotel and a long nap for Quinn at 5 pm, we ate dinner nearby, and crashed.  Well except Quinn who was well rested after his nap.  I set him up in a chair with his iPad and earphones and set my alarm for midnight.   By that point he was ready for sleep.

This morning we are chilling, texting with friends, running errands, and starting this new chapter in our lives.

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