This past week we have said lots of good-byes.  I\’m not sure that we will miss NJ but we will certainly miss all the special friends we have made over the last 4 1/2 years.

Sunday:  we had our last NJ dinner out with the Mirzwa Family.  These boys are going to miss each other but we promised to write letters and skype.

Monday:  one last playdate at our house.  There was some outdoor water fighting going on before these pictures were taken.

Tuesday:  a drop off playdate with some of Quinn\’s best buddies from school.

Wednesday:  a day at the park with his best girlfriends from his first and second year at Sundance.  I love these kids and their moms.

Thursday:  gymnastics and lunch with the twins.  These two always make me smile.

Also on Thursday one last hug from Marleny.  She has been such a part of our family over the last 4+ years and we will all miss her.  Fortunately we think the new owners of the house will keep her on and they are expecting a baby on September 15!

We have made so many great memories in this house.

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