The Farewell Visit

The McGee\’s made their farewell visit to NJ last weekend.  As usual, a weekend full of laziness and laughter.

Let\’s just say Apple products played a prominent role in our weekend 🙂

On Friday we were planning to go to the beach but had a last minute inspection scheduled for 3:30 pm.  So instead these two stayed in their pajamas all day cuddled on the couch trading ipads.  One of the funnier moments was caught watching a you tube video.

Let\’s just say if you\’re not amused by Yoda and farting move on you must.

We finally got out of the house and are on our way to the beach with beach chairs strapped to the roof, Jersey Style.

We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in Long Branch.  Nothing like having your toes in the sand.

Bruno Mars approaching from camera right.  Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah Ooh!

Sullivan chilling in her chair reading a book and taking in the scene.

Don and Quinn playing monkey with the waves.

This boy was getting hammered by the waves.

Then stand up and take it again and again.


The McGee Three. 

Sullivan is just so great with Quinn and he just loves her.

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