Quinn and Lucas have developed a really great friendship over the last couple of years.  Their friendship was a little rocky in the beginning with Quinn frequently ending up in tears.  But they\’ve really worked it out and have a great time together.

Lucas has matured and has become quite the peacemaker offering solutions or extending the olive branch when a problem comes up.  And Quinn is a calming influence on Lucas.   They still have their moments but they are far and few between.

Although we\’ve been talking about our move with Quinn for some time, it\’s starting to sink in that he\’s not going to see Lucas all the time anymore.  The other night he was in tears because he was sad about missing Lucas.   So, we are trying to get in lots of Lucas time.

On Wednesday Don took both boys to the Field Station Dinosaur Exhibit by himself.  I sent him along with the camera.  When I asked if he got any good pictures Don said that the boys were making faces in all the pictures.  Yep, they are.  But you can also tell how much fun they are having.

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