Don has a little break before he starts his new job.  So why not drive to Red Bank for lunch when you feel like having some Surf Taco.
The boy got a haircut and has a little swag going on.

Quinn loves having his Don around all the time.

A little geocaching.

We are trying to get in lots of time with Quinn\’s BFF\’s Lucas and Kaiden before we go.

Mom took the train up for her last NJ visit.  Friday was a rainy day so we visited the Liberty Science Center.  One exhibit was grossology and it was pretty gross.  I\’ll spare you the details.

Our schedule and the not so great weather has prevented us from getting alot of pool time this summer.  But Saturday was a nice pool day.

Sunday we visited the Bronx Zoo to see their Dinosaur Safari.

Quinn loves the Children\’s Zoo inside the zoo.  He could read all the signs 🙂

Me and my boy.

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