St. John: 8 Tuff Miles

Don ran it and conquered it!  There were almost 1,500 runners with about 1,200 runners finishing the race.    The organizers arranged for 2 ferries to travel from STT to STJ to transport runners.

Don reached back to his days of cross country running to train and mentally prepare for the race. We drove the course a couple of times so that he could develop a strategy.   His strategy once he hit the course was run as much as he could, power walk up the hills, and stretch out his long legs and run down the hills.

Ready to head to town at 6:30 am.

I also had to have some strategy when it came to the race.  The one road that would get me from the starting line to the finish line would be closed for 3 hours while the race was in progress so I dropped Don off in Cruz Bay and hit the road.

There are a handful of overlooks along the beautiful north side beaches so I was prepared to make a quick stop and take a picture of each one as the sun was rising.  

Top Left:  Cruz Bay (St. Thomas is the island in the distance in the upper right)
Top Right:  Caneel Bay (this is a hotel that Rockefeller built when he purchased much of the land on STJ and donated it to the National Park Service.  75% of STJ is protected land)
Bottom Left:  Trunk Bay (you can see the BVI\’s in the distance)
Bottom Right:  Maho Bay, Little Maho, and Francis Bay  (you can see the Eco Tents on the hill between Maho and Francis.  STJ has sold this land and the buyer hasn\’t been revealed yet.)

Some shots from our day.

I had heard that the race started 15 minutes late so I wasn\’t sure what time to expect Don to come flying by.  I was very excited when he passed me much earlier than his goal time.

There was a celebration in town that evening.  We stayed for a little bit but we were hungry and ready to get home and relax.

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