St. John – Part 1

We had a fabulous, relaxing 2 weeks on St. John.  Quinn now proclaimed that he likes St. John better than Westfield!  Smart Boy!

We stayed in a villa new to us but in the same general area where we usually stay.  We like to be close to the town of Cruz Bay and all the wonderful north shore beaches.  Our first night at the villa we experienced our best sunset of our trip.  We were starting things off right.

We were so excited to get Quinn snorkeling this year.  He is such a great little swimmer we knew he would love it.  We know that Maho Bay is teaming with turtles so we took him out to find a turtle and found one immediately.  See him waving to the turtle!   He also loved that there were underwater signs at Trunk Bay.  
Here are some captures of our second day on the island.  This year a little lemon shark cruised up and down the shore at Maho Bay.  We saw him every time we visited.  
Do you know what Don was really looking forward to in St. John?  A recession special at the restaurant Fatty Crab!  It\’s a shot of whiskey, a shot of pickle back, and a Shaefer beer.  Sounds great, doesn\’t it?
Sun, rain, sun, rain.  Either wait 10 minutes or drive to the other side of the island if you don\’t like the weather.
We were so fortunate to find a really great babysitter on our first visit to STJ.  Don and I have the chance to get out alone in the evening and go on snorkeling adventures during the day.   We were up early and getting ready for Crystal to arrive when I caught my toe on the leg of the couch.  Turns out it was broken.  Yes it really hurt, but I wasn\’t giving up our snorkel day.   Don was so proud that \”I nutted up\”.  
Our first stop was Hansen Bay.  You can see the luxurious beach accommodations on STJ.    We were on our way back to shore when it started pouring down rain.  2 seconds later it was sunny again.    We enjoyed a post-snorkel beer and watched a local fisherman toss out his net.  There may be a handful of wild animals on the island….goats, chickens, donkeys, deer, iguanas.  
Again, again, again.  Don would wake up in the morning and say it felt like he was punched all night.  Hmmm, maybe his shoulders hurt for this reason:
Quinn captured this happy hour photo for us.  Let\’s just say happy hour starts very early on STJ.  
Our favorite spot at Maho Bay is slowly eroding away.  We used to sit under these trees and enjoy the shade and quiet at that end of the beach.  

Captures from our day.  We were at the beach a little later than normal and I went out for a swim/snorkel and saw something new.  We very, very rarely see spiny lobsters.  Well every group of urchins had a spiny lobster hiding in it\’s needles.  These lobsters are very aware of you and point their antena directly at you and stare you down.   He\’s giving me the stink eye.

This was our first time visiting STJ during the high season.  We will never complain about being on STJ but it was our first time experiencing crowded beaches, a chilly ocean, and waves/swell.  We needed this trip and loved it but have noted to return only in the off season.  
Part 2 to follow with lots of pics from race day to our departure.  

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