St. John: Wrap Up

I\’ll start with the day after race day.  We are taking it easy at Trunk Bay.  Did I mention that we follow the cruise schedule to see how many ships will be docked at STT which will indicate the crowd level at Trunk Bay?  Should be a quiet-ish day.  
A family with a bunch of boys were camped out next to us building a large sandcastle.  They let Quinn join in on the fun and one of the older boys took to Quinn.  At one point he asked Quinn where he was from and when Quinn said New Jersey the boy wrinkled his nose in distaste.  Funny, kinda.  Then the boy said \”I call it New Joisey\” and Quinn thought that was pretty funny.  
He had a great day playing with the boys and kept asking to go back to Trunk Bay to find the boys from Michigan. 
I love the heart shaped leaf which is from the Maho Tree. 
I would never tire of this view over to bright and shiny St. Thomas.  
The next day we were off to Maho where we found a quiet little spot.   Don went out for a snorkel by himself and a short time later I saw him hauling ass towards the shore.  There had been spotting of a Manta Ray in Maho last year and I thought maybe he saw one and was coming back to get me.  Turns out he saw a 4 ft. shark chasing a sea turtle and nipping at its flipper.  Don didn\’t want to be Plan B for the shark so he made a quick exit.  
When we got home there were 2 iguanas waiting for us.  We had just seen the big guy on the driveway so he must have ran to the pool and kicked the little guy off.  I went out to get some pictures and I realized that he was approaching me.  Other guests must feed the iguanas and that\’s why they were always waiting for us.  
This might have been our best day ever on St. John.   Today Crystal watched Quinn so we could snorkel.  We got an 8 am start and hit Salt Pond first (top picture).  It was pretty good but not super great.   Then we headed to our favorite place, Waterlemon Cay, which never disappoints.  It was gorgeous!!
See the turtle with the dark Sargent Major swimming around him.  The fish\’s partner laid some eggs on a nearby rock and the male Sargent Major turns purple and swims rapidly around the eggs to deter predators.  Unfortunately the turtle wasn\’t swayed.   The bottom left picture is a school of Sargent Major\’s in their \”normal\” yellow color.
Our favorite sea creature is the Spotted Eagle Ray.  They are fairly rare but we manage to see one on just about every trip.  On our way back to shore from Waterlemon Cay we found our Spotted Eagle Ray!  
We had some down time and then headed out for a late afternoon trip to Maho Bay.  It was glorious!
This might be my favorite picture from the trip.
On our way home we were just in time to see the sun set over STT.
Some random pool pictures.  By the end of the two weeks, Quinn was able to swim from one long end of the pool to the other.
Our last day on STJ.  I was up early and got this picture of the moon going down.
It seems to be our tradition to spend our last day on Trunk Bay.  We got an early start so we would get a parking spot and place on the beach.  
One of my other favorite pics from the week.
And then heading home…
STJ never disappoints us and Quinn had his best visit so far.  Let us know if you hear of any job openings for a Credit Risk Manager or Chef on STJ because we are ready to make a move south!

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