Sounds of Conejo

The Thousand Oaks High School (TOHS) holds an annual exhibition with the local high school marching bands. It’s a chance for the high schools to perform their show without the pressure of competition. This year there were 11 high schools participating, including Westlake.

The band met at TOHS at 4 pm so they could have dinner with the TOHS band. They went to elementary and middle school with many of the kids in the TOHS band. Lots of hugs and high fives!

6:30 pm call time. Here are some mighty fine regiment players getting ready to head to the field.

Ms. Forrester taking a selfie with the regiment.

Walking onto the field. I volunteered to chaperone so I sat with the band on the field.

I was on the field and didn’t have a great view but one of the other band parents shared this video. The kids were so very happy with their performance and said it was their personal best and the bands best. They’ve been working so hard and deserve this little win.

Some photos of Quinn shot by a pro at the event.

At the end of the show, all 11 bands go on the field and play and perform together — it’s pretty impressive. They are grouped by instrument. The kids in the front row without instruments are in ‘the pit’, which is the xylophones, marimbas, etc which are too big to move onto the field again. So they get to just act crazy and have fun. “Treasure” by Bruno Mars.

After the show they are released and it’s just a big musical party in the infield. They could have stayed out there forever but had a time limit for the craziness.

It takes a village of parents to support the regiment. Truck dads and band moms. This is about half of the parents that helped.

The regiment has a customized 18 wheeler that is used to get to all the equipment to events. The school owns the trailer and they hire a guy to pull it. There’s a cubby for everything that needs to be transported. The truck dads load it up at the school and then help unload it once it gets to the location. And they load it up at the end of the night and follow the truck back to school to unload. Like I said, it takes a village.

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