Friday Night Lights

This past weekend was busy, busy, busy but in the best ways!

Friday night was a home football game vs. Simi Valley. The game went into double overtime and WHS lost by 1 point. But, the band sounded great (although the kids said they messed up big time and it was their worst performance ever).

8th graders from two local middle schools joined the band tonight. Marching to the field.

Before the game started there was this alarming fire in the sky that looked like a plane was crashing. It turned out to be Paragliders with sparklers carrying in the game football for a private school very close to WHS. We could see fire trucks and ambulances were called because it was a disturbing sight but everyone was ok.

Before the game the kids played a couple of songs including Rock Lobster by the B-52’s.

I’ll spare you the messed up performance from Friday night. Instead I will share with you an official “Truck Dad”. The truck dads help move all the equipment from the band room to the field. You can spot a truck dad by their orange shirt.

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