Friday Night Lights

The Westlake High School Regiment had their first home game performance last week. Unfortunately this happened….

We haven’t had rain in about 6 months and it finally decides to rain. The game went on, but many of the instruments will be ruined by rain.

Another scene you don’t see very often…Quinn in short sleeves and shorts. He has to wear something under his uniform and it can get really hot.

The Westlake W.

We bought season tickets with seats with backs (vs. sitting on the cement bleachers) and our seats are right behind the Conrath’s. Granddaughter and grandmother trying to stay dry and warm in the rain. So sweet.

The brass instruments can withstand a little moisture so the regular halftime show was nixxed and the brass played some pep tunes. You can see the Band Director, Ms. Forrester, in all black on the left side with a long ponytail (she can easily be mistaken for a student). You can also see Quinn’s friend Lex, who is in the color guard, grooving with her team on the track. And Hayden is on the far right playing the trumpet.

Fast forward a week and the weather could not have been better for the home game.

WHS Regiment in full regalia marching on to the field. They look so sharp with their shakos (hats) and berets. With a beautiful sunset view over the mountains at the end.

Band Parents! We don’t have any WHS gear yet but fortunately have lots of orange stuff. And who knew it could be so much fun being a band parent. The parents are very involved and provide a ton of support to the band. We are still learning the ropes.

And the halftime performance. The theme is Think Outside the Box. I’m sure there are lots of little things I missed, but notice how the color guard starts inside the box and finishes with the band inside the box. We are really impressed with how quickly Quinn and his band members can move while playing. This is the highlight of the game!

Our tuba guy. Notice the cement bleachers.

Crazy in Love by Beyonce. The guy to Quinn’s right with the sousaphone is Jessie and is his section leader. Jessie plays lots of different instruments and plays baritone sax in the concert band.

We are loving Friday Night Lights!

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