Crinklaw Family Reunion

I haven’t seen some of my Crinklaw first cousins in over 30 years! So I was happy when cousin Susan organized a family reunion and my cousin Glen offered his bed and breakfast in Vernonia, OR as the location. Unfortunately Glen became ill and we had to pivot (Glen is expected to make a full recovery). Ross offered up his house in Portland and we made the switch. It was a great weekend spent with Ross and family and the extended Crinklaw family.

Here is a picture from the last time a big group of our family got together. This was for Grandpa Howard’s 80th or 85th birthday. Sad that the older 2 generations are no longer with us.

Here are all the cousins today.

And the first cousins all grown up in our 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

Carol’s kids: Ross, Amy, (missing Pam); Bobbie’s kids: Susan, Joni, (missing Mark): Howard’s kids: Greg, Rick, (missing Glen)

And the whole gang including spouses.

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