Westlake Marching Band

All new members of the Westlake Marching Band and Color Guard have the fun of attending Band Camp for 2 weeks before school starts. They practice Tues – Friday from 1 – 8:30 pm and Saturday from 8 am – noon. It’s hot out and they are just exhausted. Quinn came home most days with aching legs and feet but never complained about having to attend camp. So proud of him!

On Friday they were fitted for their uniforms. The pants are like a bib with suspenders and the jacket zips in the back. The cool sousaphone players get to wear a beret instead of a shako, which is the tall hat with the feather on top.

Saturday night the kids showed off their newly learned skills to the parents. These are mostly freshman with some team leaders helping out. The band with the color guard in the back.

Here’s a 1 minute sample of the band playing and the color guard performing. Quinn is tuba on the right. One great thing about the tuba is that you can always spot it!

A couple of Quinn’s best friends are in the band — Ethan who was in his 1st grade class and Lex who was on his Odyssey team. Lex joined Color Guard to be with their friends. Not pictured, Hayden plays trumpet and Nathan plays the clarinet.

The parents were invited down to the field so the students could give us some marching lessons. Quinn was pretty pleased that we would feel some of his pain. You start in 1st position and then walk 8 steps with straight legs and should land on the next 5 yard line finishing in 1st position. At the end Quinn said “actually that wasn’t too bad”. Walking backwards was a whole other story.

Don giving the backwards march a little try. Hard to see where you are landing.

So very proud of this guy! The only size shirt they had for Quinn was a 3XL so that’s what he will wear until the L arrives.

Nothing better than watching your kid perform while the sun sets over the mountains and the sky turns purple.

One last song of the evening — the Westlake High School Fight Song. It was such a thrill to see them break into the W formation (I’m sure I will know all the proper terminology soon enough).

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