Summer Fun Stuff

This train table served us well for many, many years. Quinn used to play at it endlessly and it was a magnet for all his little friends. When he outgrew the train part, we added a custom lego top — that he rarely used. Then it became the coffee table. And Sonic’s chew toy when he was a puppy. It was gifted to us by Joanne before Quinn was born and we have passed it on to a family that will mainly use the lego table. Bittersweet.

But we were wanted more room in the rec room so that we could do this.

It has been so hot around here that Sonic hasn’t been getting many walks and I think he is bored out of his mind. Click right to see all his favorite sleeping spots.

Late night banana snack. Sonic knows the drill.

Crows flying east at sunset.

Soaking in the last bits of summer with some mini golf. Elias’ dad took the boys to In-n-Out and then on to Golf n Stuff.

Amy and I took the kids for a fun Virtual Reality (VR) Escape Room. Amy and I joined the boys in a Chernobyl escape room adventure. The boys knew exactly where to go and what to do while Amy and I lagged behind (OK, mostly me). We had an hour to ‘escape’ and completed it in about 40 minutes. A fun new experience (that I wouldn’t do without a teen leading the way). Then it was on to lunch.

The kids had a great time at the Ventura County Fair. It was wristband day so they could do all the rides for one price. This group of kids is so awesome! They are going to miss their buddy Thomas (orange shirt) who is going to Thousand Oaks High School instead of Westlake High School. But the other 3 are in Marching Band (Regiment) together.

Speaking of Regiment, Band Camp started on August 9 and runs for 2 weeks Tuesday – Saturday from 1:00 -8:30 pm. Quinn plays the Sousaphone which is a tuba that wraps around his body. His whole body was pretty sore the first couple of days but he started getting used to it. This is a very bad picture of him putting his sousaphone away in the ‘barn’.

They are divided into sections and each section has a senior Section Leader. Quinn is pretty happy with his section leader Jessie. Each section eats dinner together every night and most days Jessie drives them in his little Fiat which Quinn says is surprisingly roomy. Selfie in said Fiat.

Did I mention that he is exhausted and misses all his free time?

While the boys are in camp, Amy and I head to Malibu to relax on the beach, watch the dolphins play, eat lobster tacos, and view the full moon rising.

We had to get Quinn to band camp at 8 am Saturday morning so why not take advantage of being up early and getting a pedicure.

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