Spring Band Concert

Look at this tall and handsome tuba player in his new band shirt for the LCMS Spring Concert!

The program for the concert. You can see on the 3rd page the kids in the honor band were recognized.

And they were also recognized during the concert.

The advanced band getting ready to play. These are all 7th and 8th graders. Because there is a need for more deep base, a high school tuba player joined the performance. Mr. Freed noted that he could hear Quinn play louder than the high schooler (that’s a good thing).

The tuba player with his very, very proud family.

You might have seen this on FB. Quinn’s elementary school band director was there to see all the kids play. Ms. Janine is so kind and just a bundle of positive energy. Some things have changed.

Here are videos of the songs they performed. They blew us away once again.

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