Some March Stuff

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I will publish a bunch of fun stuff from the first half of March.

Lots of hiking happened in March and this day I went with my friend/designer Janice. We did a 3 mile loop on a gorgeous day.

Amy and I do something together once a week — this day we went into LA to the LACMA.

Don and I are once again doing the local hiking challenge. It’s a great way to hike new trails. And the wildflowers are just gorgeous this time of year.

A Saturday in Santa Barbara to see a special Van Gogh exhibit. Plus lunch and ice cream and the ocean.

Some other stuff.

L-R, top to bottom. Eating weird candy at the mall with Elias, Quinn’s fave breakfast burrito, recognition from his teacher, beating Mae at Scrabble on his Tuesday after school visit, heading in to Thousand Oaks High School for Tuba, sitting with Sonic on Sonics favorite couch.

I’ve been hiking with Sonic most afternoons before dinner on the trails behind our house. Some of my captures.

We discovered a new restaurant called Cork Dork where Don really enjoys the wine flights.

So that’s gets me through the first half of March. More to come later….

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