Around Here: February Edition

The hummingbird population in our backyard has grown again and Don purchased a 3rd feeder to add to the rotation to keep these little guys well nourished.

On the weekends sometimes Don and I will take a ride along the Pacific Coast Highway. We listen to podcasts and enjoy our beautiful coast.

As the days get longer I can get out for a quick hike before dinner with my good boy Sonic. This is the trail behind our house that has a beautiful sunset overlook. It was cold and windy this afternoon but always good to get out!

My friend Amy and I have been hiking every week. We went to Malibu where we thought it would be cooler but it was pretty warm. Although this trail is all uphill, it is one of my faves and has a such a beautiful view of the coast.

Another trail straight uphill. We went to the top of that butte/mountain in the first picture.

A weekend hike at Satwiwa National Park with Don and Sonic. The little bit of rain we’ve had has made the mountains and valleys so green.

A sunset hike with Don. The ‘crows of Simi Valley’ fly west toward the coast at sunrise every morning and then back east to Simi Valley at sunset.

I’ve also been hiking with Barb most weeks. This was a lovely hike at Chesebro Canyon. We even saw a coyote — who went about his business.

This day was an easier walk with llamas at the half way point. Barb brought some carrots for Larry and Bob (the brown one in the background) the llamas. The goats also get in on the action.

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