Ventura County Honor Band Performance

This kid is something else.

Yes we were proud that he was nominated for the Ventura County Honor Band. But, we are most proud of how he handled it once he was nominated. He really wanted to be selected and once he was selected he really did his best to learn the music. He practiced harder and put in the work.

He never complained about having to drive to Ventura several times for a 2 hour evening practice on a school night. And the weekend of the performance he had a long practice on Friday night.

And then practice from 9 am – 4 pm the Saturday before the performance. Quinn loved working with the guest conductor from California State University and said that he was happy for the full 8 hours. He liked that he was playing with the best of the best and the other musicians listened to instructions and took it seriously. He even proudly wore a short sleeve VCHB shirt (he really, really prefers long sleeve shirts at all times).

Saturday morning he put on his new black shirt and black pants and his father’s black dress shoes. He was so ready!

It’s show time!

We were lucky that he got seated in front on the right side of the stage.

He asked us to video all the songs. The first song, Heroes Triumphant, was his least favorite song.

Heroes Triumphant.

Don asked him if he had any special responsibilities as the First Chair. Quinn said that he acts as the leader and also gets any solos. We joked that it’s too bad the tuba doesn’t get solos and he piped up that ‘Yes, he has a tuba solo!’. It’s at about 53 seconds in.

Rhythm Machine

Kentucky 1800

Amparito Roca (Quinn’s fave)

Don and I marveled at how much personal growth we saw in Quinn over the last 4 – 6 weeks. And it’s great to see him really work hard and be proud of what he can accomplish. The sky is the limit!

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