So, this happened.

On the way home from TKD the other day, Quinn told Don that he was having a hard time seeing the white board in school. I was able to get him an eye appointment the next day and sure enough, he needs glasses. The glasses have a very small correction, but enough for him to see distance better. When he puts the glasses on, he says the graphics are much better and he can now see in HD. Teen speak.

Quinn tried on a bunch of different frames and he kept coming back to this one because it was the most comfortable. Funny that it’s the same brand and almost the same frame that Don wears. Like father, like son.

Quinn is pretty pleased with wearing glasses. He told me this funny school lunch story. Quinn was having lunch with 2 friends, Logan who wears glasses and Elias who does not. Another kid, who also wears glasses, sat down at the table with them. So, 3 with glasses and 1 no glasses. Logan turned to Elias and said “Hey 2 eyes”. LOL.

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