Around Here: September Edition

Quinn has a new group of friends that have formed. He’s known all the kids since 1st grade but they seem to be forming some new friendships. He got a text to meet them at the mall on a Sunday afternoon. We are working on giving Quinn more opportunities for independence and thought this would be good. It turned out to be Quinn and a handful of girls…and he had fun. He texted to be picked up and this is where we found him.

Deep thoughts at the dentist.

We got a rock and roll start to the week. It wasn’t a very big one but it was only 3 miles from us. The house shook for a good 10-15 seconds. Wow! My biggest shake yet.

Quinn did this pencil sketch on a post it note of his buddy Elias. His dad sent it to me. It does such a great job of capturing him. They were talking about Native Americans in Social Studies and the corn grinder they used. Somehow hilarious to 13 year old boys.

Did you know they make PPE gear for musicians? Quinn is starting up private lessons again and he needed this gear for the lesson. At school they just go outside.

On Sunday we drove up to Santa Barbara for the first time in a year or so. There’s an ocean side restaurant where we like to stop for lunch. You can’t tell but the ocean is on the other side of those hedges.

Every Sunday there is an outdoor art sale. We were looking for a wind spinner sculpture for our yard but we weren’t able to find any. But a lovely afternoon.

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