Pismo Beach

We planned a little getaway over the Labor Day weekend.  We got a jump on the weekend by leaving home Thursday night that way we could enjoy all day Friday.  It\’s only about 2 1/2 hours from Thousand Oaks so an easy drive.
We arrived in the dark but woke up to this view.  

Quinn had school in the morning.  He might have been a little distracted. 

Don stayed with Quinn and I went out for a walk.  Nothing like a flat, cool walk.  I was able to walk 3 miles just on the beach. 

A look down from our hotel on the bluff. 

After lunch and some homework we headed down to the beach.  There were some really cool caves at the end of the beach. 

We found that ALL pelicans end up in Pismo so this area was teaming with sea birds.  Such a lovely sunset. 

A look the other way toward the pier.  Birds, birds, birds!

The hotel provided a free breakfast and we got take out for our other meals.  There were lots of tables set up outside at the hotel so that\’s where we ate most of our meals.  A pretty view post sunset. 

 The next day we drove to Morro Bay and it was such a cute little town and a beautiful spot.  Our 12 year old camera man took this one.  There is a nice paved path that takes you out to Morro Rock. 

 There is a spot where the sea otter congregates in a \”raft\”. 

So cute! 

Further along there were lots and lots of kairns or rock sculptures.  Quinn loves to build these. 

How is that rock balancing?
Quinn has this adorable habit that I love.  As we walk he likes to take ahold of your arm.  I know this won\’t last forever but I love it when he does this.  

Nothing like eating dockside in the shadow of Morro Rock.  We might have been a little thirsty!

We spent the late afternoon on the beach, the best time of day on the beach. 

I caught these egrets out hunting. 

At low tide there were lots of fun crabs and anemones to discover on the rocks. 

I even pulled out the tripod for a family pic. 

Our funny dude. 

A look up to our hotel and Don and Quinn heading my way.  There was a ramp and set of stairs to get from the hotel to the beach.  About 100 steps so not too bad. 

Sets of 3 are ideal in photography so why not 2 sets of flying threes!

We picked a great weekend to get away. 

On Sunday we took a guided kayaking trip through the caves along the coast.  The ocean was so calm and peaceful.  Quinn and I were in a tandem and Don went solo.   This was definitely the highlight of our trip. 

We went in the back of Elephant Cave and then out through the front. 

About halfway through we beached and had some water and a snack.  You can see we were fully geared up.   Quinn and I might have run into some cave walls so the helmets made sense. 

Going into this cave we were given an \”adventure option\” depending on the size of the various waves heading our way.  There was a possibility of tipping over inside the cave.  Uh, no!  We chose a moderate option. 

The last morning Don and I went for a beach walk while Quinn slept in.  Such a beautiful location and great weekend getaway. 

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