July Life

I have a School Memories book for Quinn that we fill out at the end of every school year.  It\’s always good to do it before the next school year starts.  Look at all that hair. 

The look he\’s giving me while I\’m taking his picture.  Tween \’tude.  

Last day of school pic?  Kinda.  

We spent a day at the beach with a couple of friends.  Outside and social distancing.    Being buried in the sand is a requirement.  
I bought this size 14 wetsuit for Quinn last year and it is already too small.  We\’ll make it work for the rest of the year and look for a good used one next year.   It definitely helps him stay warm in our freezing cold water.  

It was such a beautiful day.  

Quinn was the only kid in our group to spend a significant amount of time in the water.  Did I mention that he go fried?  Ugh.  Never enough sunscreen.  

Another case of swimmer\’s ear but in the other ear.  Fortunately it didn\’t get infected this time around so he just needed drops.  Oh, did I mention that all his pants are super short?
We\’ve had outdoor lunch with a couple of friends, including Elias and his mother.  We were checking to see who was taller.  I think Elias by 1/2 inch or so.  

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