Owl Knowledge

On Friday after Thanksgiving I wanted to get Quinn (and myself) out of the house.  It has been a rainy week and today was sunny and cool. 

Quinn and his buddy Elias and the two moms headed to our local parks visitors center for a program on owls.    There was a nice small group and the park ranger was really good. 

One advantage owls have in hunting is that they can hear and identify where the noise is coming from all around them.  They did an experiment where one kid was blindfolded and the other one made a noise with 2 spoons. 

As you can see, humans have a harder time hearing where the noise came from. 

Then it was on to dissecting owl pellets.  Owls generally swallow their prey whole, digest the meat and other parts, and then regurgitate the bones. 

It was a little bit gross.   The pellets are baked to kill any bacteria but everyone still preferred wearing gloves. 

Quinn found a couple of skulls and lots of little bones. 

Each kid earned a junior ranger badge.   The tweens participated in the badge ceremony but this might be the last time.  

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