Quinn is 12!

 It\’s hard to believe that our Mighty Quinn is 12 years old!  The 12 best years of our lives.

The middle school PTA has a fundraiser for the school to put personal messages on the marquee!

We started celebrating on Sunday since his birthday fell on a Wednesday.  We started off with a funny butt joke card. 

 Opening his big gift. 

It\’s a Virtual Reality headset.  You put it on and you enter the game yourself.  Fun times!

He got this cool magnetic spinning levitating globe from this Grandpa and Grandma.  It took a while to get just right but now it\’s his new nightlight in his bedroom. 

Lucky Quinn that his actual birthday was a school holiday (Yom Kippur).  So we took 2 of his best buddies to the Virtual Reality experience in Century City. 

Tween selfies. 

Tween too cool to smile. 

Our first experience was Alien Zoo.  So much fun!  The boys (and moms) loved it!

After lunch we came home for a donut cake.   Yum!

The personalities coming out!  So funny. 

Happy Birthday Quinn!  We love you!!!

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